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Van Compass Mercedes Sprinter (2019+) Air System Mount

$99.75 USD


Having an on-board air system on a vehicle has so many great uses.  From airing up bike tires, to air mattresses.  Drying off wet items, blowing out dust from the interior or just airing up those big tires on the van after some off-road adventures.  The Van Compass Air System Mount makes it easy to bolt your choice of air compressors under the hood of the 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter VS30. 

Mounting the air compressor in the engine bay, next to the intake of the cabin air filter ensures that the air compressor will be kept out of the elements and free from road debris, dust, mud, water, snow and caustic de-icing chemicals found in snowy areas. 

This bracket mounts using existing holes already in the engine bay for a simple “no drill” installation and can be fully installed in under an hour.  We’ve designed this bracket to have a bolt pattern for a plethora of different brands and sizes of compressors.  Here’s a list of all the compressor mounting patterns already designed into the bracket:

Other compressor brands may be compatible as well, refer to the dimension drawing above and in the instructions.  Or drill your own mounting holes in the bracket for a simple installation of your favorite brand of air compressor.